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Who We Are

The Company

Developing Visions, LLC is a privately held company providing a variety of business, IT and education services.

We follow the most effective and efficient business practices backed by industry standards, years of experience and continuous hands-on efforts.

We listen to our clients and strive to meet their needs in endeavors that are most viable and affordable for them. Our success is measured by the success of our clients and our ability to meet their needs.

Our success is based on the integrity of our people and their ability to adhere to our governing principles and their ability to apply those principles in any situation. We will not sacrifice our principles just to make a profit.

We have the experience and knowledge to analyze your needs and provide viable options to ensure your success. We listen to your needs and wants, endeavor to fully understand your vision while keeping your mission, goals, and objectives in mind.

Services we provide our clients are confidential and we do not publish a client list.

Developing Visions, LLC is a Missouri based company.

Community Service

We believe community service is both a personal and professional obligation. It doesn't matter what size your community is, there is always a chance to participate in community service projects. To see what opportunities you may have, check with your local chamber of commerce, park district, schools, hospitals, community center, libraries, city hall and other public entities.