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Developing Visions, LLC is a privately held Missouri company providing a variety of business, IT and education services.

What We Do

Intelligent and Integrity-Based Leadership

Intelligent leadership is founded on knowledge, education, experience and sound reasoning. Maintaining integrity in the decision-making process ensures you are "doing the right thing" on behalf of the client and the company.

Discerning Analytical Approach

Keen insight and good judgment are key elements in any analysis. Taking action without insight through meaningful analysis can be costly, fruitless and result in a consequential failure. Good judgment allows you to determine the value of extraneous factors in an analysis and make a smarter decision on behalf of the client.

Statistical Decision-Making

Facts don't change because we don't like them. Statistics is a science and, when done properly, can produce critical information for making business decisions. While many use statistics to tell a story they want told, we use statistics to gain insight and to see potential outcomes with added value.

Misinterpreting statistics can be a very costly error. Be sure you use a qualified analyst to interpret your statistics.

Data-Driven Analysis

Collecting and analyzing quality data provides fuel for success.

Data integrity feeds the analysis process and yields the most viable outcomes from both planning and financial perspectives. Data can produce facts that can override statistical predictions.

Maintaining the integrity of the data will create the greatest level of success and it is mission critical for the client.

Fiscal Responsibility

A project budget is based on many factors that must be considered prior to final budget approval. Productivity is a key factor to accomplishing your goal within the project budget. Be wary of those who only want to give you a general estimate of the cost. You may want some changes in the project plan and you should determine any additional charge before moving forward with the change. We ensure you are aware of all cost factors prior to implementing your project.

Projects should always be completed ontime and within the budget.